Film Credits

Untitled Creative Project                                                         April 2023

Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor

The Adderley Groove dir. Laura Sayer                                     December 2022

Producer and Director


You're Out of Post-It Notes dir. Bryan Herrera                          September 2022

Script Supervisor


Amber's Ghost dir. Bryan Herrera                                             July 2022

Script Supervisor and BTS Photographer


The Well dir. Britnee Blake                                                        June 2022

Script Supervisor and Production Assistant        


Murder on Opening Night dir. Bella Green                               September 2021

Actor, The Newsgirl


Somebody to Love dir. Christopher Beytia Frenzel                    Fall 2020



Falling in Film Noir Mock Trailer                                                April 2019

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer


Love-Hate dir. Vaughn Garcia                                                   November 2018

Producer, Actor, Costuming, Makeup Design