All Saints Cinema Copywriting and Social Media Post Examples

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic stopped in-person viewings at All Saints Cinema, it couldn't stop the creativity of John Fraser for setting up the Virtual Cinema and me for marketing these films. Before the pandemic, most of my posts were centered around giving out the "who, what, when, where" details behind each film screening. I also included film reviews to give our customers some insight into the film being shown.

I worked with the Graphic Design Intern, who sent me images to go along with my posts that I wrote and scheduled. As time went on, I started creating infographics with movie information to better present information on Instagram. I learned very quickly that while I could use more copy on Facebook, I needed to focus on visuals for Instagram.

Then BOOM! Quarantine hits. The cinema is shut down for the time being, but keeping our social media active was key during this uncertain time. As someone who minored in Film Studies and was surrounded by fellow film lovers, what better idea than to post Film Fun Facts in the meantime?

It was a hit! Suddenly, I received the news that we were going to be having a "virtual cinema," or a variety of films that customers could rent and stream in their own homes while we receive a portion of the profit. Most of the Facebook posts stayed the same as pre-pandemic, but I changed up the Instagram graphic tactic. Since we had multiple films showing at the same time, I would make a general graphic with a few different stills and direct patrons to our main website with all the available listings.

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